Two Treats

I've been listening to these songs on repeat for the past week. I am compelled to tell you for no other reason than that nobody is answering my texts right now. (Facebook viewers: there are 3 embedded youtube videos below, if you can't see them and want to, click on 'view original post' at bottom.)

Old Crow Medicine Show-Wagon Wheel. Heard these guys do this live at the Railroad Revival Tour and upon hearing for the first time, I was singing along after the first chorus. Yes it's a simple tune, but most times the simplest tunes are the most memorable and the ones that resonate.

Them-Gloria (Live version). Written by Van Morrison when he was 20 (wow), this song still goes down, for me, as one of the most kickass anthems in the history of rock. I will be using this song in my first feature film, not a doubt in my mind.