A couple of months ago, which was a couple months after moving to LA, I had the extreme pleasure/good fortune to work on a top secret project at Mirada/Motion Theory called ROME.

This was to be directed by Chris Milk, whom is responsible for countless music videos, but most recently, the Arcade Fire's 'The Wilderness Downtown' online event where the user enters the address of the home they grew up in and the experience builds around some Google Maps trickery.

So, ROME, featuring Jack White & Norah Jones, came out this week. It's neither a music video nor a game, but an interactive experience using Google Canary, and is entitled a 'Google Experiment.'

I worked on the concept phase, drawing the animal 'soup' in the city and in the country side. How they would look when the users dragged them by means of cursor across the screen. How they would grow on buildings and evolve from one animal to another.

Simply put, this was one of the coolest projects ever I've worked on.

Mirada has posted this 'Case Study' link on their site.

Here are a couple images I made for this experience.

This is the most refined of the 'soup' pieces I drew. There were a couple before this one that were more abstract, less grounded in physical space. Ram Bhat (Creative Director) wanted this one to feel larger and busier, to have animals morphing into other animals, to really show the complexity of the 'soup.'

This one was executed after receiving a BG render for the city from North Kingdom. Ram wanted me to visualize the 'soup' flowing through the cityscape. We were also experimenting with a 'toon-shaded' look, which I kinda faked by adding a stroke around the animals and crazy shrubbery.

A simple, graphic BG concept drawing.

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