Hangin' with Justins: New Old Apartment

After 3 months of living in an RV on the coast, the Justins find an apartment in Santa Monica, much to the dismay of Glasses.

Filmed and edited this one during a day off from drawing last week. I've got a few more Justins in the pipe right now, including a mock 'informercial' for the book of blogs I've published through Blurb (we're talking Slap-chop meets the Juicer meets these guys), and a 'pre-going-out-on-the-town' short where Flattie educates Glasses in the art of picking-up chicks, dancing and overall kanoodling.

Thanks for watching if you watched.

(as usual, if you are reading this post on Facebook, there is supposed to be a YouTube clip embedded above. If there is not, visit to see the video I was typing about.)