'Almost Genious' is Published

I've been writing on this blog for about 4 years now. I've written a lot. I know that I've written a lot because I recently decided to make all of my past, favorite blogs into a book that you, my most dedicated reader, could buy. And it took me a little while to read through all of my past stuff. Ok, a long while.

That process began a couple months ago, and is now concluded with the publication of my first compilation, entitled 'Almost Genious.'

Here's the link to buy on It's 135 pages and includes my takes on 'One-Uppers', 'Loud People', and how 'Life is Super Mario Bros.'

I've also included the first children's book I've written, sans pictures, entitled 'Good, You Should.'

Pick it up now for $12.95. I think the Justins are going to be making an informercial on it soon, so there you go.

I told you I'm a prodder. So I'm prodding you to buy my book. Least I'm not shoving.