Hangin' with Justins: In Training, Part One

Happy Friday. Here's a short.
Picking up where they left off, Glasses decides to train Flattie in the art of acting.
Part One of Two.

I've been meaning to make a 'training' style-Rocky-esque montage sequence for Glasses Justin training Flattie Justin in acting. I thought it would not only poke fun at the genre, which people really take seriously (the serious, dramatic, actors, out large golden statues to dramatic actors, never to actors in a comedy) but it'd be fun to put some music into it and do some quick cutting, some big gags.

This is the setup to that short...I decided to shoot and edit all in one day, less than 24 hours. Probably more towards 9 hours in all. I wrote it all out a month or two ago, but work and the new city got in the way of me actually executing it until now.

But I took the week off from design/art to get some personal stuff done, and this was one of the the things I did on one of the days. Another thing was finding an apartment in Santa Monica, which I did, so mission accomplished.

The first part of the short, outside the RV, was scripted, and I followed it pretty much to the tee. The inside part was scripted also, but I didn't feel like using the script for some reason. The funnest(not a word) part of this stuff, besides the 'acting/adlibbing' is the editing, and I love editing together takes that didn't necessarily go with one another, but fit with each other through the ol' 'happy accident' method. I love happy accidents.

I wanted to get the guys out of the RV, outside for once. Basically, if I do something new each time with them, and this is the 10th (WHOA) I've made since Sept., I'll be happy. I do not want to repeat material. I'd like to think the story and characters are developing and hopefully somewhat entertaining.

So, there it is and it is there.