ByeBye Bu

I will miss you and never forget you. I simply moved into Santa Monica. Into an apartment. So stay tuned for new short films from it.

And I filmed a short on my last day is a still from it.
I'll post it shortly, once I iron all the kinks out. Which is one of my least favorite sayings. Even if I was referencing a short, the saying 'Ironed Out' should never be said.

Shorts. Ironed. Who irons shorts anyway. Guys with pleats. And those are the guys I call 'Filbert.'

OH, and got the first copy of my blog compilation book back form Blurb. Can't wait to share it with you'll be able to buy your very own. Even though you can read all of the material for FREE on this here blog, I've put it onto parchment and will be selling it.
There's something to be said for a physical item to read. Not this Kindle spell. But an item with bound pages that you can flip through on a nice day.
So, if you agree with me, then this is the item for you.
More details to come.