People go through phases. And women, in particular, really go through phases. First they want the bad guy. Then they have one too many bad guys, heart shatters, and then they want the nice guy. Then they have the nice guy, fall asleep mid-way through their first date at TGIFriday's, and they want the bad guy again.

It's a cycle. A cycle of confusion for women, and us men, too. And it all stems from labels. Think about it. We label everything in our lives. Nice guy. Bad guy. Hot chick. Smart Ass. Dumb Ass.

Is the 'nice guy' really a 'nice guy?' Why don't you call him what you really want to call him. 'Un-sexy boring guy that will buy me stuff.'

Why beat around the bush? And the 'bad guy?' He's 'hot dumb guy that has no career but he wears Axe and once even asked me nicely for a blowie.'
That's what these terms really mean, people.

Labels. They're all around us. Make sure to sift through the ones that mean something and the ones that don't.

Like, whose kids are those? Those are YOUR kids. Pfff. More labels. You're so selfish. Let me have one.