Pedalboy Website

Two years ago (time flies), Casey Gooden, a local Dallas director and friend of mine asked me to act in a short film he wrote about a game of touch football. I had never acted on camera before and was pretty nervous about it all. Cameras, people watching, waiting, be funny on cue, say the right thing, don't mess up another take you big bluthering goomba.

But I wanted to give it a shot. I knew I was bad at it, and anything you're bad at in life I believe you should do. Over and over. Until you're not necessarily any better at the task, you just no longer want to do it anymore. Something like that.

So, he asked me to be in his film and I said sure.

'Hot Route' made it into a couple of films festivals and now he's posted online for your viewing perusal.

Take a gander if you've got a spare minute before your next bout of facebook stalking commences.