Swan and Sketch

Wanna watch entire portions of a movie through your fingers? Go see Black Swan. Incredible filmmaking. It literally kicked my face in. I have no face, it's been kicked in by a couple 85 pound ballet dancers.
Helluva experience. Fantastically gruesome, visually shocking, and good ol fashion freak me out. Obsessive compulsion behavior never looked much like Natalie Portman, really.
Not for the faint of stomach, I'd say. Fingernails ripping off, toes glued together, skin peeling back. And then there was a lot of dancing, a hornball dance instructor, a slinky Mila Kunis.
All in all, check it out. Original story, interesting, different. Absolutely nuts.

Also, here's a cruddy drawing of some weirdo in tights that strolls the streets at night looking for pimps, trannies, and prosties to knock up.

Justin Claus HarderComment