Merry Christmas

Christmas time is upon us. Up on us. Like a slippery obtuse individual barging his fat happy way into the empty slice of a subway seat next to us. He's here. He's late fat Santa and he just wants to sit down.

Give him a seat, won't you?

Let him in this year. Let the chrismtas spirit in and rejoice hallelujah! Lights and trees and bells and wreaths. Give give give. Get and then regift. Circle of life for a bad Christmas present. But as you know, one man's trash is another man's Conan.

My only advice, when you see the faintest hint of sweaty gross Santa trolling his big ass down the block this holiday season, make way, and let him in.

And to quote the best and greatest holiday movie of all time, hands down, not even a question, shut your face if you think otherwise--

'Tis the Season to be Merry!'
'That's my name.'
'No shit.'

Here's my family's Christmas Video from last year that I decided to make after realizing that families don't like to sit through hours and hours of family videos anymore. Boring, yawn, sleepy time. You gotta chop 'em up and only leave the fun stuff. Enjoy!

Justin Claus Harder1 Comment