Bo Burnham

I've never heard of this guy before today, but that's not surprising, as I live in what is commonly referred to as a cave. I did, howevs, come across him on the twitter, laughed at his tweets, and then found his youtube page. Holy shiatsu. Genius rhymes.

Apparently, he's the youngest comedian to ever have a Comedy Central special, and looks like he's writing a movie (or was?) with Judd Apatow. He's got the a-hole, oh-so-clever, smartass schtick down-pat. Patted down. And he's himself. He's a brilliant lyricist. Rhymes are on par with Eminem, as clever, and the songs are as funny/catchy as the 'Lonely Island' guys. Comparing people to other people. It's what we do chastise originality.

Oh, and he's great at really bad puns. And offensive. And tasteless. But it's all in the name of good comedy, so that's fine, right? RIGHT? It's not like being offensive, lewd or tasteless is new ground in comedy.
This kid goes pretty far, though. Inspiring stuff.

Justin Claus HarderComment