Words. It's amazing the power of Words. They can start wars. They can end wars. They can form nations. They can get public officials elected. They can ruin relationships.
Words. Everything begins with Words.
Baby's first word? Mine was Zebra. Do you remember yours? I bet your Mom does.
Thoughts float around in your brain and attach themselves to letters, which then form into clusters to make words. And then the Words sail out of your mouth, like kids to their first day of school. Who knows how someone will take your Words.
Will they take them how you meant for them to be taken?
Or will they take them and then sit with them and then bring them back to you, like an unhappy kid on Christmas. I wanted the green squirt gun, Daddy, not the orange one.
You told me yesterday that you liked it when I wore this skirt.
Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention and just said something. I'm sorry.
There's a couple of Words that you should know. I'm sorry. Remember those ones, you'll probably need to use them at some point.
Words are just letter clusterings. A family of letters living together in their little home cluster, happy with whom they're paired with.
We read them. We write them. We communicate with them. Some people communicate with signs, markings, or sign language. But those still mean Words.
Those special three Words in unison can mean everything to that certain someone. Using those three Words in unison can create new life. I love you. I do, you know, avid reader. I love you.
Have you used Words that you don't mean to get something you've wanted? I bet you have at some point.
Have you said Words to people just to be nice? To avoid a conflict. Sure you have.
Have you used Words that you knew were mean and ugly, but you wanted to make a point? I have.
What do we quote from movies? Actions? No. Words. We say Words that people in movies say. Hasta la Vista. Make my day. I'll have what she's having. Alrightey then. I've been ready for this my whole life. (That last one was from Rudy)
What do we gossip about? We talk about what people said. The words they spoke. Oh, no he didn't. Oh, yes he did. She said what? Oh snap.
The Words that escape our lips is how people form judgement. And yes, people do judge us. Everything you say is a reflection of you, because that is what your brain is thinking.
I don't use certain words. Flutter. Synergy. Those are words that I try not to use. I use other words way too often. What's up? Good. Awesome. (If everything is 'awesome', then nothing is)
Knowing a lot of words makes you appear smarter to some people. Knowing words with a lot of letters in them does the same. The longer the word, the smarter you appear, and when used in public, the more semi-obnoxious you appear. Especially if you have glasses on at the time. How cliche'.
I think we should all have 'word-counters' on our chests for all of the Words we know. That way, all we had to do was look at someone's chest to see if they were smarter than us or not. Ah, I joke.
I love learning new Words, though. Facebook needs to add a little tab for 'Words.' It's exactly the same as 'Friends' only with less drunken pictures from parties. How many 'Words' does Billy have? 14,231! Wow. That guy's popular with Words.
Sometimes we use Words to elicit giggles. I like those two words together. They make a good pair, elicit and giggles. Sounds like a superhero that smiles a ton.
It all begins with Words. Choose them wisely.
Because someone might just be hanging on them.
Justin Claus HarderComment