Pretzel Time Line at the Mall

Standing in line for a pretzel at the mall yesterday. Yes there was a line. People seem to love those things, and I'm a people, so I do, too. Not the lines. The pretzels, people, the pretzels.
Confusion after two lines. This blog isn't starting off well, but let's push on, shall we? We shall.
As I was trying to decide between the pretzie sticks, nuggets, standard pretz, or the hot dog wrapped pretzie, I couldn't help but overhear the following conversation from a young woman behind me talking on her cellie.

Her: What do a tralier haf to do widdit. It's a preview. Trailers? What do a trailer haf to do widdit.

Then silence. I looked at the pretzels. The sticks were looking fresh. Fresher than the nuggies. And fresher than the standard pretz. I wondered how the cheese would be. The dipping cheese. Lately they've not even tried warming it up. Then there was more from her.

Her: What do a trailer haf to do widdit. It's a preview. Previews is what it is. What do a trailer haf to do widdit.

Tina Turner started singing 'What's love got to do with it?' in my head, but with the usual words replaced by the words the lady behind me spoke.
'What's a trailer haf to do, haf to do widdit. What's a trailer, but a misleading word for a preee-view.'
I felt compelled to turn around to my fellow pretzel lover and start singing to her and her phonemate.
The feeling passed, though.
Usually does when it comes to singing as loud as you can to a stranger a foot away from you in the Pretzel Time line at the mall.
Besides, I didn't have the camera with me and that woulda needed documentation for the authorities later on when I wound up in the hospital with a phone sticking out the side of my head, courtesy of 'Pretzel Time Tina Turner.'
I can see it now.
Look Officer, I just sang some Tina Turnsies to her, I can't help it if she's not a fan, and besides, does that give her reason to shove a phone in my ear? I've got footage. And yea, she does raise a valid point, I shouldn't have poked fun.
I have since Wikki'd it and Wikki said that 'trailers' used to be shown at the end of the movie, not the beginning, but everyone would leave after the movie and not watch them, so they put the 'trailers' at the beginning of the movie and the name stuck with 'em.
Yea, ya learn something new every time we hang out, don'tcha, my little frivalent chinchillas.
Oh, and I went with the sticks, by the by. Easier to dip while people watching.
I don't know what Pretzel Time Tina Turner ended up going with, but I'm guessing love didn't haf anything to do widdit.
Justin Claus HarderComment