Hangin' with Justins: Bianca (Happy Thanksgiving)

Happy Thanksgiving from Justin and Justin. May your day be filled with laughter, love, good cheer and maybe a viewing of the Ducktails Movie to realize that Bianca is not the name of the villain and that, in fact, Justin was thinking of Claudia from The Chipmunk Adventure. Close but not really.

Also like to use this blog post to link to a few updates I've been working on. Finally decided to bite the bullet and make a YouTube page for the 'Hangin' with Justins' and anything else I feel necessary to share with the world. Here's the page.

You'll notice the background is a bit overwhelming. Yes, I've always wanted to have a good body, so I thought I'd finally have one. It was a simple out-patient procedure, as I just removed my head from one photograph of me and put it on Burt Reynold's unclothed torso. I feel like it was a lot easier than working out and sweating a lot, so hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy. It feels good to have a great body, finally.
That's all. Enjoy your Thanksgiving week.
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