Filming Lately

Hello and Happy Holidays. I am told that it's the Holidays now, as Wal-Mart is putting out stuffed snowmen, so I should greet you with the same respect. Cause this blog is a min-Wal Mart.
I've been fortunate enough to be in some fun shorts lately. Chad Madden and Mark Blitch are two directors I know and they make a lot of shorts that help out a lot of people so I jump at the chance to be in them. Here are some stills from the two shoots.

Race Car Comfort, written and directed by Chad Madden. I shaved my standard five o'clock half beard into a moustache and burns for this one, along with trying out a filthy southern accent. My name was Scoot and Scoot wanted to make his race car more comfortable. Unfortunately, Todd Terry's 'Chief' was none too happy about any of it. Al Dias makes a cameo as the chauffeur that Scoot hires to sit with him and watch 'Days of Thunder.'

Holy Grounds. This one is edited and directed by Mark Blitch. Myself and Clint play a couple of 'd-bags' looking to order their faith to-go. Brendon Lankford makes a rare acting appearance as the jovial and lovable coffee-maker.
Both shoots were done in a day and both will be available shortly over at