Ya Hit G-8

Well alright, alright, alright. It's GO time. Let's get it on. Let's get ready to rumble. Start your engines. On Your Mark. Sack up. Cowboy up. Let's do this thing, Leroy Jenkins. Street Fighting Man, G-7. You get the point.
This week I'm rocking some concept design for Vitamin in Chicago. They're a filthy ncnasty motion graphics design shop creatively headed by Danny Delpurgatorio and producing some pretty tempting morsely goodness for your eye holes.
I've no idea what that last line meant.
Chad Madden has cast me as 'Moses' for his next Blue Fish TV short. Can't wait to don a Castaway-esque beard again for a little bit. Funny script. Lookin' forward to botchin' it somehow, someway.
On the horizon is another short for Blue Fish, this time I get to act along-side my 'Iron Shield' co-star Todd Terry in a Nascar-Talledega-esque film. I will play Scoot, an out of touch driver bent on decking his car out with the finer things in life. Should be a stinkin' grand time. Todd will be the no-nensense Crew Chief lookin' to put the kibash on Scoot's fun.
Finished writing 'Bull's Eye' and will be shooting in the next couple months. It's about an assassin with a heart. That's all I can divulge. If you wanna know more, then good for you, you're our target audience.
I've streamlined my personal website, as well. Put larger images on there, added some new Cowboys drawings.
Anybody see this Gaga meat 'dress' at the MTV VMA's? (peer out into the audience, wait for response)Yea, course ya did. She had meat on her head.
My brothers and I used to joke about how cool it would be to have a meat-helmet one day, cause it would be so awesome to just kinda gnaw on whenever you were bored, hungry, angry or happy.
But seeing it in real life, on her tiny little dumb noggin'? Killed it for me. Gotta say, the meat-hat isn't going to be showing up on store shelves anytime soon.
Wait, I guess it already is on store shelves. Just go get a beef patty and slap it on your Gaga-loving melon, you filthy filthy little follower of all that is now.
Btw, I just got complimented on the skinny jeans I'm wearing. Too bad they're not skinny jeans. They're normal jeans, I just got big legs.
But it's cool, my v-neck is super low so I got that going
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