Last Day at Reel FX

Yesterday was my last day at Reel FX in Dallas, Texas. I started working with them in 2004, one year after I graduated from Ringling College in Sarasota. Six years of dedicated service.
Work highlights include designing a TRL commercial for MTV, designing and animating on Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium title sequence, concepting for the beginning of the Disney's 'The Wild,' creating the world and characters, and creating the Gamestop Bunny and commercials.
My dream when I was a little kid was to animate on a Disney movie and to have my name in the credits. Through Reel FX, that dream was achieved with 'The Wild.'
And I got to goto work everyday for 6 years and play. And yell. And sing. And dance. And do everything but art, sometimes. And I'll never forget that.
I will miss all of my closest friends there-Kashar, Darnell, Bobbo, B-slabes, Rando for King, Inshanity, G-Love, Brother Maguire, Naddy Pockets, Neil Zedaka, Pipes and Stripes, White-O, BookDaddy, Ju Ju TC, JD McCoy, Kathy Bates, B-Lou, Ro-Bay, Quan, Peter T, Briles, Jacquesy HotPants, James Webs, LG Crumpler, Johnboy, Brow Brow, Peter T, Frankie P, Turkey Jis, Boom Boom Teagues, K-Bone, The Constant, E-D, The Commish, DR, Steve-O, Thiels, Apprentice Jenkins 1-12, and everyone else.
I've never given a nickname to someone I didn't like/hate.
I'll miss all of you but know our paths will cross again.
Which was always a weird saying to me. It's like we're shadowey figures in the dank streets of London, 'crossing paths' shrouded in darkness, eyes darting from side to side. I spot you and we awkwardly shake hands and wonder who's turn it is to buy the opium.
Looking forward to what's next.

I worked at Reel FX for six years and all I got was this lousy mug. :)

I don't know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. - Bill Cosby