We Don't Want Privacy

I've come to that conclusion. And it is the TRUTH. Very few things in life are the TRUTH. And that's one of them.
Sun rises in the East, sets in the West. TRUTH. Calories make you fat. TRUTH. Longhorns football is #1 in the Galaxy. TRUTH.
And we don't want privacy. TRUTH.
We had it at one point. But we're not at that point anymore, folks.
Ya know how I know we don't want privacy? Cause I just 'checked in' to a restaurant through my phone. Yep. It's called 'Foursquare'. Facebook 'Places' is the same thing, I think.
At any rate, I told my phone that I was at a restaurant, to which I then received some points, a colorful badge, and I got 5 bucks off of my appetizer.
Tell us where you're at, and we'll give you a free breadstick.
That's what it's come to.
What's next?
'Checking in' to your loved one's naughty parts?
Just sayin'.
Next time you're in bed with your spouse, about to get coital, why don'tcha whip out the phone and 'check in'. Just tell the world.
I can see it now.
Ya 'check in' and see that you're not even the Mayor of that location.
Now THAT would be worthy of a badge.
The ol' 'You're Being Cheated On' Badge.