So the other day I was driving. You can relate, right? You've driven. I've probably cut you off at some point in your life, so stuff it. And I was at it again the other day.
Cutting people off, not using that annoying ticker thing that flashes on each side of the car. Ya know that blinking thing? Can't remember the name of it. But if I wanted to drive a Christmas tree I'd drive one.
Driving to work, driving to the grocery, driving to the gym, driving home. And I realized something. Holdup, there's a fireworks show going on outside my window.
I think it must be for the 4th of July or something. Or someone's day of birth.
Nope. Too big for bday. 4th deal. Big finale. They spent a lot of money.
So, yes, I was driving. Work, grocery, gym, home. Throw in a restaurant in there every once in awhile. Bookstore. Pet store. Pet Bookstore.
And it got me to thinking.
We need to gut our streets out and just put tracks down. We could then drive our cars up onto the tracks outside of our dwellings, lock them into place with a little photo-neuron blaster, and take our hands off of the wheel.
Then we hit the gym button on our futuristic panel of bee-bops and away we go. We hit the 'Ballpark' button and we shoot off one track to another.
Stretch out. Lay back. Drink a tea. Watch the news. Play pocket pool.
You've seen it in almost every sci-fi city movie ever. The Transportation of the Future. The car-pods on tracks.
And it looks like it works.
But that's the thing. We already all live on tracks, don't we.
Yes, you're driving to work. You're in CHARGE of the vehicle. Right?
The destination is in charge. Be on time. The money that the destination provides is in charge, as well. Your responsibilities are in charge. Meeting at 11. Pickup the kids at 6.
Other factors are in charge of where that vehicle goes, where your life is headed that day.
It's sunny out? Time to head to the park, right? Carwash mayhaps? Boom. Something you can't control, ie; the weather, controls you.
And I guess that wraps up the lesson for today.
Don't let things you can't control, control you. (For the past month I've been doing the opposite. No more of that.)
Jump those tracks every once in awhile.
Just watch out for folks like me cutting you off in my Christmas tree.