Keep the Duckie?

I'm packing up and moving. Leaving my rental for another rental. Why? Why not. Shuddup. Who asked ya. Sorry. I didn't mean that. I asked. I've been packing and I'm used to questioning every little decision right now.
Which comes naturally to an indecisive individual such as myself.
Because packing is extremely difficult. What to take? What to throw away? What to give away? I've found that I, most like every human/hoarder in the world, attach sentimental value to almost everything. The book she gave me. The pictures from when you could see my cheekbones. The old photos of my Grandparents and me. The trophies I won in little league. The Wrigley bat from Big D. My rubber duckie collection.
In a way, we're defined by our STUFF, aren't we?
But certain things are keepers and I can't bring myself to toss 'em. Other things aren't quite so lucky.
Tossed out 8 garbage bags in one night. BAM. C'YA.
If it's in a box in your closet or storage unit, chances are pretty high that you won't miss it. But does that mean you should throw it away? Get rid of it forever? Gone. N'Sync Bye Bye Bye?
I mean, you're not looking at it on a daily basis. It's just sitting there taking up space. It could be bringing someone else JOY.
Haven't you seen Toy Story? Ha.
I'm not sure how much room we have in our 'Sentimental Vault' for all of this STUFF. At what point does the Vault say 'ALL FULL.'
Photos are one thing. I think photos should have their private little fireproof box or hard-drive and be stored appropriately. Cause those can't be replaced...but at the same time, you're not really saving them for YOU are ya? You're saving them for your kid's kids.
'Gaze upon our ancestor's attire in the not so distant past, Mommytron 3000.' (That's how they'll talk in the future, don'tcha know. All proper and numeric.)
But what about photos from ex-relationships? Ah, the eternal question. Looking at the photos can either make you happy for that time in your life, how young ya both looked, or it can make you sad. They can bring back so many memories that, if any of them are sour, you should probably remove those items.
And I mean, really toss those ones the hell out.
Or casually drop them in the trash without a second thought. Either way.
It all comes down to what you really NEED.
They say that alligators in captivity will only grow to a size suitable to eat, sleep, live comfortably in their cage/pen/compound. They won't get so big that they'll outgrow their little designated area.
I find I'm doing the same thing. My stuff is now shrinking ever so slightly so that I can fit comfortably in a new compound.
And I'm alright with that.
A new place. A new start.

Sidenote: I've got too much old art. If you'd like any originals of mine, dating back to college, email me and I'll send something your way.
Another Sidenote: You couldn't PAY me to toss my duckie collection. I'll never change that much, beeotches.