'Inception' Thoughts

I saw 'Inception' today with Mother and Big D. We were a little late to the show so we got to sit in those awesome seats right on the front row. I couldn't believe our luck. Right on the front! How could those be open, the movie was about to begin?
Seriously, movie theaters are the only public-viewing events where nobody wants to be close. Nobody.
Basketball game? Courtside.
NFL game? Sideline tickets please.
Even a flight to Vegas? First class. First row. By the exit door.
Up close. ME sit near FIRE.
But opening night at the movies? Get me the hell away from that thing.
I digress. So, we saw 'Inception,' starring Titanic McGee and directed by Batman Memento Jones.
This movie, this picture, this pretty epic. People float in the Hotel Zaza hallway. There's some gun fights. Knife fights. Mind fights. A psycho broad. A train on a street. A cliffhanger ending.
And it's all about dreams and how it's possible to enter a person's psyche and plant an idea through their subconsious dream.
But I think there's another way to plant a seed into someone's mind. And I'm surprised the filmmakers didn't go here.
Ya simply TELL them.
Hey, does that bum over there in the alley need to put pants on? Well, I could go over and knock him out, hook our minds up together, cast Leo Dicaps to go into his mind, wearing a realllly nice tailored suit nonetheless, and have him sneakily tell the bum to put on pants.
Or I could yell at said Bum from a safe distance-'Hey, BUM, put your damn pants on.'
See, that also works. He might think he needs to put pants on after hearing that.
Sure there's less good looking lead actors and less floating people and upside down cities, BUT there's a lot more saving of time.
Does your boss have bad breath? Unsure of how to approach their halitosis?
'Inception' would tell ya to go into their mind while they're asleep. Plant some little signs, cues to them that they need to chew some gum. Wear a 'Winterfresh' shirt in the dream. Have both Double Mint twin hotties on either arm.
See, little subtle signs could make your boss change his tune.
Or, I suggest ya just take out a stick of gum and shove it in his fat face next time he comes around.
That should do it.
(BTW, 'Inception's about making that person think that they came up with the idea themselves, so my theory is obviously bo-bo. But, it made for a decent rant, and for that I am always eternally grateful.)