Stills from 'IRON HEAD'

I acted in a Chad Madden original short for last month--'IRON HEAD' centers around the 'slightly selective superhero' that is picky about who he chooses to save. The short is meant to demonstrate that being an IRON HEAD is not the right way to be in life, but rather to be and do the opposite of our 'hero'.
Not only does Chad write and direct, he also edits and composits the effects. All I have to do is show up, stumble through my lines, make up some more lines, and then yell when my trailer's not at 71.5 degrees. POINT 5, ya hear me, Madden? POINT 5!
Brendon Lankford was the Director of Photography on it.
Here are some stills from our shoot---I think it turned out pretty darned cool. The RED camera in action, with some color tweaks from my in photoshop. I tend to fritz with things.

Shooting another one this Monday in Galveston, TX, and will post pics from our shoot when I get back.