I believe the distance you commute to work should be equal to how important your job is.

For instance, if my commute takes me 10 minutes, I'm happy refilling the coffee maker all day. That would be fine, because it didn't take much to get to work that day. I've got nothing invested.

If my commute takes me 15-30, I'd like to think I'm educating a thoughtless child in the art of mathematical equations or combing through kids' hair at school spottin' lice. That's a pretty important job. De-turding shrimp at Red Lob. Puttin' the cheddar in those delicious biscuits.

30 minute to an hour commute? Congressman. President of Charmin. Name plaque on wall. Shirt, tie, get me the paper, Douglas.

And whaddabout if my commute is over an hour? I should be curing cancer, each and every day. Plug oil spills in the Gulf. End world hunger with one massive Cailfornia Roll.

Cause a commute over an hour is a hike, folks. And you better make it worth it.