Tweak to Websites

In hopes of streamlining my personal website, but inlcuding everything I've been up to lately, I've condensed the links on the top NAV bar. I've broken all the artwork down into two Galleries, added a 'films' link and added a 'toons' link, where I've finally embedded an HD version of Lil' Italy! The youtube version and version from the website were hurting...BAD.
Also re-designed the Lil' Italy page so that the HD short is displayed as soon as you get to the site.
I made a website on Cargo Collective (same folks that run our BASIK FILMS site)
I like the way you can break out the various projects in sub groups, and write a little something about each one. At the same time, I realize that I'll have to re-size most to all of my images. But I can link films and my toon in that one very easiliy, which is cool. Might switch formats over to that one soon.