I don't get it

So, does every single attractive female stand-up comic have to have a filthy, potty, poo-poo mouth? Apparently, they do. From what I've seen, attractive female comic's have it pretty easy. Just say dirty stuff. A fart joke. An eff bomb. A 'C' word. Another fart joke. Throw in a lesbian bashing deal. Lower your voice, make fun of a dude that tried to hook up with you once, Oh my gah the humanity. Back to the eff bomb. Toss in a tampon mishap. Bedroom time with weird objects. Fart noise again. Pee pee time.
It's pretty interesting to see, really. Ms. Singled Out, Ms. Lately, and Ms. Ex Jimmy Kimmel.
Three attractive women. Three filthy mouths. Three massive checkbooks.
Guess they're getting the last laugh.