Thinkin' Out Loud Here

I used to play a lot of board games. I think one reason why was because I hadn't invented the ipad yet.

If that's livin' then I don't wanna be dyin', thought a guy just before he realized he was confused.

That Miley Cyrus might really make it big one day.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should, unless of course you really should, then in that case, go for it.

Next time you look at me might just be your last, said the guy who spends a lot to some money.

The laundry mat is a great place to awkwardly wave at hot chicks reading books and listening to their headphones.

A butterfly is so beautiful. It's true.

I woulda paid with my check book but I'm not a complete d-bag, Maurice.

After the smoke had cleared and the moon had risen, little Johnny was still without his compass.

I hope the evening finds you well, as it's only found me fine, and wells are so much more than that.

The trees make me sneeze, the man thought. The man thinks a lot of boring stuff.

The platform to get to Hogwarts seems a bit hidden, no? I mean, do they want any students there or not. Seems every bad guy in town can just appear inside of a bathroom there anyway, so what's the big damn deal.

After dinner I like to read the newspaper on my phone, pay some bills on my phone, talk to Mommy on my phone, and then goto sleep. That still can't be done on my phone, but they're close.

I once went to this old mansion and wondered where all the spooky stuff was. A squirrely butler appeared out of thin air and told me he'd been expecting me. I left immediately, not because he was spooky in the slightest but because I remembered Dancing with the Stars was on.

I've never counted my lucky stars before, but I'd bet there's only about three.