Old Songs

I used to play a lot of Grand Theft Auto 3. And then the Vice City came along, and I played that one, too. Remember when ya heard the next GTA was going to be set in 80's Miami? They had the cool songs going. Guy gets out of a Ferrari, shirt open, chicks strippin' in the background, crazy Cubans shooting at you. Gold chain around your neck. Pink sky. White suit. Machine gun in your handFlock of Seagulls blarin'.
And I ruuun, I run so far awaaay.
They don't really make songs like that anymore. Now we got Bieber squelin' about his first love. First love at 12 years old. Kids nowadays. We've got Gaga puttin' on a road sign and spurtin' blood on everyone. We've got some chick 'wakin' up in the mornin feelin' like P.Diddy.' There's an everlasting ballad for the ages.
Where are all the rock bands full of old ugly dudes just playing the shit outta everything they touch? Lead singer's hair all crimped, spouting off about 'Rocking you like a hurricane.'
It's gone. Now we've got some dude asking us to call him 'Mr. Flintstone, cause he can make our bed rock.'
Wait, I guess that's kinda similar, in a way. So close, yet so far away.
There's certain songs that jump out at me from my childhood.
'You want it, you got it, you want it, baby you got it/ Just Bust a Move.'
That guy could rap, couldn't he? And the video? The chick with the yellow tank top-spandex-short-onesie grinding on the fire escape? Oh man.
Or howsabout Boyz to Men. The dude with the deep voice. I never made out one word he ever said. I guess they were more early 90's. 'End of the Road' was the last song at my junior high dance that I went to by myself (cue the violin). As soon as it came on, I knew it was now or never. I walked up to HER (there was always a HER) and out of nowhere some kid without a mouth guard cut in front of me and got to her first. I wonder if they're still together.
Remember Bryan Adams? The one from Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. Of course you remember him. Cause listening to his music is akin to seeing a chocolate covered lightning bolt. Magical.
'Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.'
Whoa. Read that one just right and you might get pregnate.