Some Golden Rules by Ethan Hawke

I've recently taken up an old hobby of mine. It's called 'reading.' I'm sure you're of famils with this activity.
So reading is many things to many people. It can save lives and it can take days. I've been reading lately to educate myself and I've stumbled upon some fantastic words of wisdom by one Mr. Ethan Hawke, a fine actor of the silver screen and stage.
Here are the things he said that resonated with me the most.

1-Fortune Favors the Bold. Someday you'll be dead. Be busy. Be active. Nothing's free.

3-There is no such thing as a Once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity.

6-Don't let the basterds bring you down.

9-Have a sense of humor. Tolstoy's work was severely compromised when he started thinking he was hot shit and you are nowhere near as good as Tolstoy.

I like those. A lot. Listen to Ethan Hawke. He's a bad man.