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Gotta give a shout-out to Ethanator for mentioning me on his Webosaurs Blog. He stumbled upon my personal website while googling some Webosaurs action and had really nice things to say about my art! Thank you.
To answer some of your questions-I work at Reel FX in Dallas. It's no secret that Reel FX is where Webosaurs Island was born. There are a lot of other artists there who've done amazing art for Webosaurs, as well! It takes teams of animators, texture artists, modellers, riggers, lighters, concept artists and technical geniuses to get those webos to move like they do! And who moves better than Horns? NOBODY!
There are lots of new talented artists working on Websosaurs everyday and I'm sure you've rubbed elbows with them if you've spent time in the world. They're just not as loud as I am, so they blend in a little more. :)
Thanks for looking at my art and keep up the Webo-ing!

ps. I used to hold the record on Patagonian Powerlifting until Horns beat me and then Blue Knight 'beat' Horns.
HORNS! HORNS! HORNS!--as you can tell, I'm biased :)
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