I was inspired yesterday. Inspired by Agent44. He drew a tough Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After seeing his drawing, childhood memories attacked me. I remembered how much I drew those guys. I drew them everywhere. Notepads, tables, tests, homework, church bulletins. I loved them.
So, I decided to make like Jake, and draw them again now that I'm grown up (physically, not mentally. Still pushing 8 in that department, thankfully)
I made mine lean and long. Their shells are simple ovals. I made them like the TV series and movies, where each guy's differentiated with a different color headband and pads. I drew from total memory, and only after having finished these did I realize that each guy actually has a utility belt that holds their weapons. Some fan I am. I drew 'em without those on purpose! Less stuff to get in the way while kicking the Foot's butt, I guess.
Heroes in a half-shell....Turtle Power.