New Year's Resolutions

Write them down. Or else another year will go by and you'll still have to squint to read the fine print. Here are mine, in no particular order.

-Don't stop with the first right answer, unless it's right.
-Put more people on the spot more often.
-Dance like nobody's watching. Huh? Do I look like Cameron Diaz in every movie she's been in? Dancing alone in the kitchen to top 40 fare while slumming it in a tank top and undies? What's the fun in that. Dance in the middle of the mall. Probably get money tossed at you, too. Double whammy.
-Get a '79 Trans Fat Am.
-Make buddy comedy with the drive thru woman at McDonald's. And by 'buddy comedy' I mean brown chicken brown cow.
-Teach a child how to read. If it proves to difficult, just buy 'em a comic.
-Speaking of comics, I should sell some of mine.
-Continue efforts in the 'take nothing personally' campaign.
-Make 15 short films. Get into a few fests.
-Wear more shirts that fit.
-Don't listen to anybody. Listen to everybody.
-Come up with sayings that contradict themselves. And don't.
-Make sense out of it.
-Think long term.
-Be decisive.
-If things aren't black and white, make them.

And to coin some phrases from one of my favorite books I read in '09, 'A Whole New Mind' by Dan Pink:
-Normal is not good.
-Never say 'I could have done that' because you didn't.
-Don't specialize.

In other news: I posted some frame sequences to my animation for the Firefox spot on my website. Here's one now: