RAM spot

I designed the graphics for some new RAM commercials. Here they are.

At first, these graphics were on tan graph paper with a penciled in stencil font, surrounded by little notes and doodles. Felt like a construction worker's notepad. RAM didn't dig too much, so they asked us to explore further.
I put it on black, threw some paint on it, roughed it up a bit and they liked.
Special thanks to the texturing genius of Bryce Wymer, whose 'paper-wrinkle' scan has saved me for the last time. I now retire that texture, as I don't think it will ever get any more exposure than a national RAM print/broadcast campaign. I used it on a Fray design, too, a long time ago.
Fairwell sweet crinkle. I'll miss falling back on you, but I know it's for the best that we move on.
Thanks for leaving that one behind, BDubs.
Justin Claus HarderComment