Firefox 5 Year Anniversary Video

I was approached by Blur Studios in Venice, CA to rock out some illustrations/animations for a Five Year Anniversary Video for Firefox. Based on their direction, I set out to create an entire 'line-drawn' world, including 4 main characters, evil viruses, a flying firefox, people turning into stars, an angry mob and a massive Mozilla creature.
After approvals of the illustrations, I then hand animated short cycles for them in Photoshop. Yes, Photoshop.
By drawing each new 'cell' on top of a semi-transparent layer, it virtually fakes the exact process of drawing on paper and flipping between pages to see your progress (5 sanity points lost).
I then took the layered photoshop file, imported into AfterEffects, progressively cycled between layers to create the movement and then rendered out a massive QT for them 'multiply' into their final comp. Their AE artists did an amazing job with it! They added color splashes, cycling paper textures and overall simple, clean color palette makes for a successful 2 minute animated piece, which is no easy feat considering our time constraints.
It's up to 150,000 hits on youtube!
Here's the full site for the video:
Justin Claus Harder1 Comment