Hello and welcome to some recent News, not only in my life, but also from around the world. Mostly, my world. But sometimes other parts of the world, too.

-I'm shooting 2 shorts in the next 2 weeks for Bluefish TV. I get to be an idiot boss in one and a monster insurance agent in the other. They're both being shot on the RED. I'm looking forward to both, very much so.

-Decided to ditch the ATV at the last second, sending it head over wheels into Deadman's Ravine, whose name didn't ring true that morning. Wait, what? OH. Right. I forgot that Jimmy flew into it shortly thereafter, so I guess it rang true moreso around lunch.

-Illustrating the characters for Studio Movie Grill's rebranding efforts. Working on gift cards this week. Did a 20 foot long banner illustration/design last week. I'll post the image as soon as I'm allowed.

-Gave bum a 5 instead of a 1 and noticing my miscue, I asked him for it's speedy return in exchange for the smaller bill I held. He said 'No' so I swung my door open fast and caught him flush in the chest. While he lay on his back, motionless save for breating, I took the 5, substituted with the 1 and then left smiling because I knew Taco Bell was still open.

-We did 10 interstitial designs for the Dallas Cowboys massive screens at Cowboys Stadium. Everything from 'Touchdown' to 'Interception'. Now the crowd will now when to cheer while they watch.

-Talked to a meathead in the gym whom told me that although he enjoys steroids, he prefers men. I had no answer for his revelation.

-Did the art and design for 2 new Gamestop spots airing right now. One is for 'falling wii' prices, and consists of our hero bunny getting pelted by falling wii boxes. The other one shows bunny growing massive after eating a carrot and then follows him on a baddie killing spree. Both were a delight to draw.

-Saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. No attempt at wit or cunning here, go see that movie. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

-Did the illustrations and limited frame by frame hand drawn animation for an upcoming video celebrating Firefox's 5 year anniversary. This pushed my already limited patience to the limit, as I've not hand animated since college. Luckily, I was bailed out by awesome AE folks. I'll post link when I can.

-Tomato basil soup is delicious and if you don't think so then get back in the bread line, you Commie.

That's all for me. Whaddabout you. Please.
Do tell.
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