New Slogans for Major Corporations

Companies love slogans. They NEED slogans. A company without a slogan is like a baby without a diaper. It's messy. Unfocused. Slogans give direction. They let the world know that company's philosophy.
The problem is, for me, that a lot of company's slogans aren't honest. And that's why I want to propose some new, more honest slogans right now. Here goes something.

Facebook: Stalkers welcome.
McDonald's: Only in a pinch.
WalMart: Feel like a minority. Come to WalMart.
Albertsons: Overpricing is fun.
MySpace: We're done.
Red Bull: Always tastes like a bad idea.
Victoria's Secret: We know it's not for your wife.
Chick-fil-a: This slogan only readable 6 days a week.
Apple: Helping people look artsy at Starbucks since 2002.
Abercrombie&Fitch: Put a moose on it.
Urban Outfitters: Our employees smell.
Jack Daniels: a Friday's not a Friday 'till you punch your spouse.
Justin Claus HarderComment