Meeting Wrap Up

Go ahead. Run with it. Wait. Do you have enough direction?
Direction? I thought you told me to run with it?
I did. But I want to make sure you're running in the right direction.
So that means I need direction?
Kinda. It's complicated, you little shit. I want you to run with it-
But you want to make sure I've got somewhere to go with it?
...don't interrupt me, lackey. Shit. I'll find some other mongrel to do what you're doing.
Who? Who will you find? I'm the only one that understands what you're saying because I speak your languange.
Is that right? Whaddabout Mary or Hoshmere?
They're both liars. They just smile and nod like the posters in the break room say to do.
Is that so? Well we need to get those posters out of there.
I think it's fine. They're fine there.
Okay, leave 'em. One less thing. So do you have enough direction?
No I don't. But I don't want any more. Let me run with it for a day. If I go the wrong way, we'll blow the whistle and get me turned around, but until that happens, lemme run.
You got it. Sounds good.
Ya know, you've got management material written all over ya.
Shit, that ain't good, now is it? Haha.
Haha. Nice, Larry. We'll see ya tonight at 8 then?
Damn right you will. Let's really give em hell.
And bring that apple turnover you've been braggin' about!
Ahem. So, that's how ya sneak the direction in? End of the conversation sneak in?
No, not at all...yes. I'm sorry. I live off of telling people what to do, no matter if they already know to do it or not. I just need to validate my position all the time by telling underlings what to do, you know that. It's a nervous, power thirsty habit of mine.
Seek some help, would ya?
Nice. Now you're telling me what to do. I like that.
I bet you do.