Make it up

Just make it up. No, I'm not saying to 'makeup'. Unless you've been thinking about it, then why not. I'm talking about just making things up.
You know how to do that, right? Sure ya do. Everyone does. Not everyone does it anymore, some people do it too much and get known for doing so, but for the majority of us I think it's fantastic advice. Just make it up.
I was not given the advice, nor do I claim to take ownership of said advice if I was to be confronted by a person larger than I, but I will say that I do enjoy living by it.
See, when ya make things up, your mind is absolutely free. Unharnessed by the seat belts of social necessaries, of practiced manners and lined notebook paper.
When you're making things up, your mind is truly in a place where creative intercourse reigns.
If you make things up too much, however, your mind finds patterns to fall back on when asked to make something up. It's just how it goes. That's why people have catch phrases and moves.
Like E.Honda and the thousand hand slaps. He might have made that up at one point, but just push the right button combination (as fast as you can) and all the sudden you trigger that tubby into action.
Same move, over and over.
But if it works, why do anything else?
I hear ya. You must like California Rolls, too.
It's fine. I'm not upset. Just live a little every once in awhile.
Go for the Apple Saucetini with mint julips and rochester sauce.
Just make things up. I'm not sure there's even such a thing as the nightmare I just created, but that's what's great about it, I didn't go for the thousand hand slaps.
I tried the flying uppercut out with a dash of sonic booms.
Sounds like it hurt.
Justin Claus HarderComment