The World Today: Installment 01

Lots to think about nowadays, isn't there. Swine flu running rampant. The deficit reaching one thousand-gajillion spacebucks. People having sex with one another. Kanye interrupting little girls. Gaga wearing full-body doileys. The president's denim. The Transformers girl's body.
Just so many important issues at hand. And we need to focus on each one, one at a time. Starting Roethlisberger over Warner. Holy wars. Women driving race cars. Status updates. Tweetbookspace and child predators. Who won the game last night.
I mean, there's really a lot to ponder. That is, if you like pondering as much as I do. I ponder at least once a day. Just find a quite place somewhere and ponder away. I used to ponder the shit outta test questions. I still never really answer any questions. I just ponder. Questions are answered when I no longer have time to ponder. The result is the answer. No matter if it's right or wrong.
I mean, what's the world coming to? Madonna's arms. Tatoos on genitalia. Jamaican women/men sprinters. Babies having babies. Sway's hat and the universes held beneath.
When will we be in the future, fer crysakes? A train used for transporting people around the city of Dallas has just opened. A train. A yellow train. Not a monorail. Or a molecule dispenser. Or a people launcher. But a simple train. Choo choo.
Where are the hoverboards? Michael J. Fox had one like 15 years ago and we still haven't seen 'em in Walgreens yet? We can have floating beds but we can't float a board? Where are we? Not the future, that's for sure.
We're always in the present. And some of us, people without HD and people named Louis or Mortimer, are in the past.
We're always in the present, though. And whatta present it is. Entertainment everywhere you look. Someone's trying to get your attention. Hold it hostage. Stadiums are erected with jumbo tron TV's so you can watch the game on them. Not watch the players on the actual field, but watch the jumbo tron ABOVE the players on the actual field. They're bigger. Remarkable.
The second you're not entertaining, you're done. Now. Now. Now. I want it now, Daddy. The world has become one giant Veruca Salt, hasn't it. One giant, green, Veruca Salt.
How much for that new Green peace tree hugger of a car? 60,000 dollies? Sure. I'll take two. One for me and one for the rest of my body, cause these things are shoeboxes.
Just lots to ponder. Like if Gaga's done bleeding yet. Damn, she can sing.
Justin Claus HarderComment