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Welcome to a world void of boundaries. Boundary-less. So, you can go anywhere you want. Anywhere at all. Your mind is your only boundary. Well, not the only boundary, I suppose. I mean, you still have to come and work inside these walls, but once you’re inside, you can go anywhere.
Kinda. Ya can’t, like, leave early too often. And ya can’t just wander around all day and not sit at your desk and work. So, other than those two minor little details, there are no boundaries.
And if you’re a man, ya can’t wander into the women’s restroom. And vice versa. Boundaries there. And personal space boundaries. No sitting on laps and drawing or holding hands while rendering stuff. A couple more boundaries.
Ya know this whole ‘no boundaries’ thing doesn’t really make much sense anymore.
If you go really metaphoric with it, it'll do, I guess. But if you’re literal at all, it’s just a mess.
(I find that to be true with most everything in life, actually.)
Justin Claus HarderComment