Mythical Fans of OU and Tech

I've noticed something and I'd like to point it out.
The only people that like the Oklahoma and Texas Tech football teams are people that went to school there.
I've never met anyone EVER that's said, 'I love OU' or 'Wreck 'Em Tech' that didn't goto the schools.
Ya know why that is?
Cause those teams are completely unlikable in every sense of the word unless you attended them. And even then, I'd still be hardpressed to cheer for that snide asscrack of a man Stoops or the Pirate Lawyer in stinkhole Lubbock.
Try my theory. Find a fan of those teams that didn't goto school there. It's like Zenu riding a unicorn while spanking a leprechaun who's tuggin on Bigfoot's jamrod.
Doesn't exist.
Justin Claus HarderComment