In a Room

Stop it.
Before you go too far.
Ok, now you’ve done it. You’ve gone and done it.
Daddy will be mad.
Don’t call me Daddy.
This room is freezing. Good thing I brought this jacket.
You mean this jacket?
Hey, that’s mine.
I told you not to call me Daddy.
So you took my jacket.
I had to take something to punish you.
Well you coulda at least left me some napkins to cover up with.
Oh, hold on, I think there are some napkins here in your jacket.
Front right pocket, probably. I got fast food last night.
Yep, here they are. Ok, take some napkins to cover up.
Thank you.

That jacket’s pretty nice, huh?
Oh yea. Love the inside. Is it wool?
Yep. Got in on sale a couple summers back.
Yea, those winter sales in the summer? The best.
I know, right. Got it for, like, 50 bucks or something.
Whatta steal.

How those napkins holdin' up?
Eh. Not too bad.
You look cold.
I am cold.
That explains why your lips are blue.
My lipsh areth bluetshehs?
Sure are. And now it’s affecting your speech.
It’ssh affectinghshs mysh speeeshc?
…Let's see if there are more napkins.
Justin Claus Harder1 Comment