Just Wondering

If we all had tickers on our foreheads of how much longer we had to live do you think it'd change the way we acted?
I do. I bet if we all knew that, you'd see a completely different society. Borderline anarchy. More so than usual. OR would having that ticker and the knowledge of our own demise cause us to make the decisions that would in turn end our lives?
'Oh my, I've got this many days to live, I better go get a convertible with my best girlfriend Louise and drive through the desert on a wild police chase only to missile ourselves straight into a ravenous explosion of death?'
Hey, I'm just asking the questions here.
It's kinda like Minority Report, I suppose, where they all knew when they were going to die because those creepy/hot bald women predicted it all. But then sometimes they were wrong? Cause Cruise missed his predicted death time by making a good decision and all the sudden he was with Zenu and Suri cooking popcorn and thinkin' up ways to off Hitler.