America's Funniest Videos or 'Idiots in America'

America' Funniest Videos. The show that takes television entertainment and literally hits it in the groin with a whiffle ball bat. I watched it tonight. I used to watch it a lot when Saget did it back in the early 90's. I actually forgot that it was still on. But tonight reminded me why it IS still on. Because Americans love seeing idiots get hurt.
For instance: there's a crappy 80's clip of a guy riding an ATV (I don't know why it took 30 years to get the video clip to America's Funniest Videos, but that's besides the point) So the guy's riding an ATV and I find myself guessing how he's gonna get it. Ya know, how he's gonna get hurt. Will it be the tree branch on the right? The tip over backwards move? Nope! He turns too fast and flings himself into a pile of cow shit.
Yes! Serves him right, that idiot, riding an ATV in the 80's and sporting a mullet-perm. Perm-Mullet. A Permet.
And each clip pretty much repeats like that. First, the setup. Second, the wondering of 'how they're gonna get it?' And finally, the payoff. It's a perfectly repeatable formula because it works as quality Sunday night entertainment for the cross section of America.
They love it. Americans like to see other people get flung in cow shit. Hit in the pills. Dumped on their asses. After a long, hard, work-week, Americans like to sit on their couches and watch as their brethren get the crap kicked outta them. Simple as that.
America can't get enough.
Here's my idea to make it even more ridiculous, though--
Combine all these 'reality' shows into one. That's my idea. So we take the funny video show, put all the submitters on an island, add a rose ceremony, some mystery suitcases, throw in some horny housewives from the suburbs, toss in a runway, some iron chefs choppin' shit, a dance off every night, and do some firing.
What's the point of the show? Nothing. Just repeat the fomula. Setup. Wonder. Payoff.
An hit 'em in the junk with crazy stuff. Roses, dogs, coconuts, mystery suitcases, Trump's hair, everything. Film it, have the bachelorette hussy give 'em handies while Seacrest hosts.
It'd kill.