Art of Webosaurs

I just added a new 'WEBOSAURS' link on my website to show some of the hundreds of drawings I've done over the past year and a half! is in open BETA testing now and I realize it's high time I post the fruits of my labors.
It's so strange looking at this art together again ( I only posted a portion of landscape sketches or recent branding materials, no Graphic User Icons or merchandise designs, no NAV tool bars or Logo Exploration...Whoa...I left out a lot...I'll add all that soon!!)
I've never worked so long on one project before, especially one that I've been the creative director of. Usually CD's don't draw too much. It's more of an 'over-seeing' position. Wellp, for that to be the case, ya have to have someone to oversee. And there was no one else for quite some time. :)
So many hours spent drawing this stuff, concepting a world, creating memories that hopefully resonate with kids everywhere. And the launch is only the beginning for Webosaurs. Only the beginning, I tells ya!! Mwhahawahaha.

Anyway-go check it out if ya get the chance...

Click on the 'webosaurs' option on the top header.
And fer cryssakes get any kids you know to play the game....that means YOU, teachers! It's educational, fun, safe, and funny. And it's getting quite a following so far...just youtube 'Webosaurs' and see the videos kids are making.