Here's the first official vignette short for! It introduces Horns, the crew's hulking, flexing, swampjuice-drinking Triceratops.
Enjoy and I'll post more as soon as we get 'em done!

Webosaurs is a Massive Multiplayer Online game aimed at kids 7-12. It's in Beta testing right now at Sign up or have your kids sign up and play for free or become a member.
I've been working on it (off and on) for a year and half at RFX now, and have loved it every step of the way. Many talented artists, animators, designers, web-programmers and game developers have touched this project, and it's become RFX's first ever original property. We've gotten to build lovable characters and develop a story for a safe online environment for kids. And that's pretty awesome.
I wrote and directed this vignette. I also have the esteemed privilege of voicing Horns.
I heart the big guy.