Make Believe

What ever happened to a little thing called 'Make Believe?'
I miss it, and I think the world needs it right about now. Don't worry, I know just where to start.
Twitter/Facebook/MySpace. All of them have a 'What's on your mind?' updater where the user can log-in and express themself through words to their friends and 'followers.' Pretty cool, right?
Here's the thing, though--the updates are so mundane that nobody cares anymore. Literally, nobody. I asked them. I asked 'nobody' and they said they don't care.
Oh, you went shopping today? You think the Aggies are going to win? You just made doo-doo in your pantalones? Who cares. Not 'nobody'. Asked 'em! They don't.
Tell us you just ate a dragon.
Or that your armpits shoot laserbeams.
Or that your grandfather killed Hitler. Or maybe you did.
Maybe you invented the Shoestring Sleeper Hold? Oh wait, I just invented that one. Hands off!
But you see what I'm getting at? Let's think BIG, people! Nobody can call ya out on it, cause they don't know, and better yet, they don't care anyway!
Whoa, would ya look at that? Jim is forming an angry mob and he's heading to Frankenstein's Palace! I'm in! Go Jim, you irritable hippie!
See? The fantastic is so much more fun than the everyday!
But you're 'going to sleep?' Why even post it at that point? Think BIG! You're not going to sleep, you're about to do intergalactic battle at the helm of Eyeballista Squadron One, defender of the Visi-Floaters and ally to the one true king, Emperor Iris the III! Ok, so that's a bit much, but I'm trying!
So, I now challenge all of the 3 people who read this (whaddup Sue, Phil and Chauncey...I'll pay ya back on Tuesday, Chauncey, ya know I'm good for it) to go out and update their Online Social Networking device dealie with something 'made up.'
Please, for me.
I don't ask for much.
Maybe your pet hot dog flew to the moon. Or your nose fell off. You found a dino egg in your hamper. You licked the Mona Lisa. It doesn't matter.
Just for heaven's sake let's have some fun out there.