Ka'anapali Vacation

Aloha faceless web-surfer. I just got back from a week long trip to Maui with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. Yea, yea, yea. I know. Shut up.
Here are some pics from our journey to the Island with the biggest ku-kui.
Mahalo, Gracias and God Bless You.

This is between a couple holes on the front nine of the Kapalua Plantation Course, home to the Mercedes Benz Championship on the PGA tour. The course was out of this world awesome.

This is where King Kong lives on Maui. Apparently he's got a golf-course view.

Big D yammering on the phone while Big E (White Tiger) decides to hit a pitching wedge from 190.

This is a real photograph.

This is me. The ball went so far that it was never recovered. I out-drove the island. (I tend to lie when I'm embarrassed of being a hack...a hack that crushes it 295! Beat that, hack-guy!)

Big D and White Tiger about to hit on the Par 3 Number 11.

That's my ball on the left. I actually parred a hole from the blues on a championship course. I've not played golf in 2 years. I've got what I like to call 'front nine luck.' That means that by the back nine, I've fallen apart, stare off in the distance a lot and barely remember my name. I wish I woulda taken a picture of the GPS system built inside our cart, however, as it was incredibly intuitive.

White Tiger decides to allow me to beat him by one stroke on this hole, which was a grave mistake. You see, that stroke came back to haunt him...ah who am I kidding. E finished at 6 over and so did I. He was 6 over par and I was 6 over 100. Hey now. Kickdrum.

Ah yes. The view from our back porch.

SURFING. Myself, Eric and Amanda took surfing lessons. These are the pictures from our first ever attempts at the ancient art of surfing. Cowabunga and radicalness ensue.

Hug B getting the hang of it.

White Tiger mastering his craft.

White Tiger jumping off to make a sweet photo op.

Who needs waves to surf.

Kiss my ass Kelly Slater...If you can catch it! Wooo---hooo! Taste Foam!


This is my version of the 'bigfoot' photo. Only it's just me standing on a surfboard with a belly shirt on and small shorts...but it's blurry enough to make you think it might just be a sea creature.

Me and Big D in Mossey McGillicutty's in Lahaina. Cirlce of life.

White Tiger's got a new gang sign he learned from his Surfing buddies in Ka'anapali. They accepted him as their own once he mastered the Big Kahuna. Plus, they already loved his name, although they thought it sounded slightly indian. So, we changed it to Nupu Nupu White Tiger. I'm a liar.

This shirt is the Guinees Book's largest Hawaiian Print shirt and it's 200 XL. It seemed small to me, so since I wear XL, I'm going to blow myself up 200 times in photoshop and manipulate this to see if it's correct. Nevermind, let's just take their word for it. Huzzzah!