MySpace VS. Facebook

When you tell someone you're on MySpace, they give you the 'I just ate a sour grape' face. And when you tell them you're on Facebook, they give you the 'you're cool like me' face. Why is that? Why? Poor MySpace. Poor, poor, rich, extremely wealthy and world-conquering MySpace.
Let's face it, MySpace is a bloated-porn-callgirl service. I get emails upon emails from random fake chicks' accounts saying things like ':) hey sexxxy, wanna have fun party naughty with you?' and '!oh, your cute. let's chat.'
Come on. The english is broken, there's no proper punctuation. And for me to bite off on one of those fake emails, I need that. Don't embarrass yourself, fake spam email sex ring. Let's put some effort into it.
Facebook doesn't have that, and to me, that's made all the difference.
But MySpace and Facebook also have a lot in common. For instance, the top blue header. Why do both of the worlds' largest social networking sites share the same hue for their logo? Cause blue is a 'relaxing' color. The Social networking world is one in which you want people to spend as long as they want on your site. What color will allow them to type emails and search for peeps for hours upon end? Blue. Burger King, Wendy's, Jack in the Crack, McDonald's, and Sonic all share one color in common as well. Red. Cause red attracts the eye. It catches your attention. Stop signs. Imagine if a stop sign was blue. Not good.
But blue will lull you into a deep internet coma, and Facebook and MySpace know this. Fast food joints want ya to come in and spend money and leave. Red does that. But not blue. And the white logo on the left hand side of that blue bar, as well. Can't forget that. Standard social networking protocal. Twitter? Go check it out. Yep. Teal blue. They really got nutty. (so did I, at the top of this blog :)
An un-common ground, howevs, is the customization of the actual profile page.
I've seen some Myspace profiles that will literally make you want to punch a unicorn. And ya know where to find a unicorn cause it's jumping out of a squirrel's hat on 'LuvaGirl_23's' MySpace profile page. Lady Gaga is blaring. A tiny cube with pictures warped on it spins and shows you exactly how LuvaGirl_23 looks when she gets hooched up with the girls and macks on playas. The page is out of control. There's no type heiarchy. My eye doesn't know where to look. There's a thousand magazine pictures mixed in with ten-thousand party pics. Lines are blurred. It's a mess.
And with Facebook, I still don't think it's any of my business when Bob writes 'Long time no see!' on Susie's wall. But now I know that Bob hasn't seen Susie in a long time, and that factoid will now sit in my brain somehwere and take up space. Space that I'm rapidly running out of.
All this being said, I've got an account with both. I'm not going sit here and critique them any further, as they've revolutionized the way people communicate nowadays and are absolute cash-cows. But just cause that's so, that doesn't mean we can't openly discuss them, right?
Plus it's made internet stalking really easy for me, so by all means.
JOKES! Jokes are fun...