Blockbuster Receipts

It's a DVD rental. It costs $1.99. Why Santa's Christmas List receipt?
They ask for your ID, ya pay the money, and then they start printing. Paper literally starts shooting out of the register. The DVD cost two dollars. There's no WAY this can be my receipt. It wraps up her arm, around her waist.
Oh YES, the cashier nods and then mouths 'it's yours.'
It gets done printing and she rips it off and jams it into the DVD case.
Except it won't close. Receipt's too long.
She stuffs it in some more, re-folds it into an oragami Blockbuster logo and tries again. Still won't close.
I tell her I don't want the receipt, I'm all set.
She looks at me like I just smacked her mother.
You're gettin' the receipt, she yells.
I'm scared.
A manager comes over, looks at me, looks at the case, looks at me again. I back up. He rips the DVD from the cashier's hands and places it on the ground with the receipt crammed inside of it. He looks at me again and shakes his head. He then jumps on the box.
I hear the clasps snap shut. The manager and cashier smack high fives. Then the manager turns to me and tells me to 'eat it.'
The cashier gives me the DVD. Tomorrow by midnight, she says.
I get home and can't wait to throw the receipt away.
Except I can't open the case.