Never Change

I've been told that being plugged on Motionographer (the world's biggest Motion Graphics site) would go straight to my head. Well, I'm here to say that's simply not gonna happen.
I'm still the same ol' Juiceking and always will be. I put my brand-new-but-made-to-look-old designer jeans on one leg at a time, just like everyone else. Sure they're made of endangered Caraboo hair, but aren't yours?
And then I lace up the same ol' Moon boots I always have. They were worn by Neil Armstrong when he walked on the moon, I guess. Whatever. I added a custom 'Juiceharder' design all over 'em so ya can't even really tell they've been on the moon anymore. Boom, baby. Nothing new so far, home-skittles.
Same ol' leather hoodie with built in Wacom pen sub-pouch and '' bedazzled on the back in the talons of a dragon that's sitting his bigass on a skull that's on fire. Again, I'm not gonna change, not for nobodies.
I've also got the same small-lensed black-frame glasses I've always had, and no they've not got a prescription so feel free to try 'em on, brolazurus. They're made of molten lava rock carved out of Mount St. Helens. No big deals.
Hold up, what's that Winthrop? Yea, put the new gold encrusted Wacom over there, I'll get it as soon as I'm done. Sure, next to the 60" Ultra Sharp Monitor and complimentary shipments of designer drugs and Red Bull. Perfect, thanks Winthrop. Oh, and Winthrop, get me a table at KOI or TROI or TRON tonight. Vodka, sushi and chicks. Lots of each. You know how I do, Winny. Don't disappoint or your ass is grass, you piece of shit.
So, yea, where was I? Oh right. Yea, I'm never gonna change. Did I mention the Red Bull? Right, I'm sponsored by them, Monster Milk and Adobe now, so make sure to go out and grab you some of that 'ish, broheims.
Lates and skates, bra's